Fisher-Price Power Wheels Off-Road Adventure - PC/Mac

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Off-Road Adventure - PC/Mac

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Brand: Vivendi Universal

Edition: Standard

Binding: Video Game

Format: CD-ROM

Release Date: 17-10-2001

model number: 71274

Part Number: 71274

Details: Get behind the wheel of the Eliminator and build worlds of driving excitement with Power Wheels: Off-Road Adventure. Kids can tear through four amazing environments of all-terrain driving action. Each fully animated course is filled with ramps, obstacles, and debris for kids to race through. Made for players ages 4 to 7, Power Wheels: Off-Road Adventure lets kids design and build their own courses, promoting imaginative play, encouraging creativity, and building problem-solving skills. It even features a two-player driving adventure offering twice the action. Product description Off Road Adventure jewel case edition - Four 3-d environments that come to life. Over 50 ramps and obstacles to choose from. New surprises every time you play 2-player adventure offers you twice the action. Play Benefits: promotes imaginative play, encourages creativity, builds problem-solving skills, teaches cause-and-effect relationships. Review This game takes the battery-operated riding toy to the computer. Kids first choose a vehicle theme such as the Harley-Davidson, Jeep Wrangler or The Eliminator, and then drive on tracks found in four environments called Dinosaur Alley, Winter Way, Crack-up Canyon and Junkyard Junction. The environment changes with each play for variety, and it is possible to design your own course. Good driving earns points that go toward a driver's license, and one or two players can play. On the downside, the graphics and options are both quite limited. Kids weren't sure, for instance, whether or not they had grabbed a graphic to place on their racetrack, as the drag and drop cursor is awkward. The driving itself is inexact and unrealistic compared to other games. The program also has some significant strengths, one of which is the fact that children can't lose in the game. They can drive their cars into potholes, dinosaurs' mouths or through a doghouse and come out unscathed. This no-fail component makes the software a good choice for younger kids.Teaches: Age Range: Copyright © 2001 Children's Software Revue -- From Children's Software Revue® -- "Subscribe Now!"

EAN: 0020626712743

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.9 x 0.4 inches